please read this carefully. thanks to the wretched abundance of hideously greedy unicorns in the world, and an inability to find partners who value design as being more than a craft: slow is no longer open to applicants.

you are still free to write an application; if you do, please demonstrate at-least a few examples of mixing mediums and perspectives in your work, and also assert how you can produce a certain kind of work with slow that you just can't produce anywhere else in the industry.

working with slowstudio is not a job.

resident-sloths explore critical / emerging perspectives in design over 3–6–12-month periods. sloths work on open-ended briefs; are pushed to imagine ambitiously; must prototype profusely; and can explore several media, skills and approaches through their work. this page displays things sloths have explored in the past.

below, is an old advert (from 2020) describing what slow was looking for. in terms of requirements and expectations, nothing has changed; so, please do read it carefully.

if this resonates with you, you may when you do, please include some ideas for the kinds of topics you'd like to explore, and what you imagine yourself making.

unless the application is blatantly spammy (or template-esque), slow replies to every email received. any applicant who does not get hired gets at-least an email with reasons why ; when possible, slowstudio makes time for a conversation, and offers feedback in person.


to join slowstudio, please read this before applying.

to discuss a project, please

slowstudio: bombay, india.
also: on linkedin. not on instagram.


if you'd like to join slowstudio,
please read this—slowly—before applying.

if you'd like to discuss a project,

slowstudio is registered in india,
and has produced work globally.

besides this website,
it has one outpost in bombay,
and another on linkedin.


join slowstudio:
please read this—slowly—before applying

discuss a project:

bombay, india.

also: on linkedin.
not on instagram.